Chat with Chander Ram from SXiQ about using Microsoft Teams during Remote Work

Chat with Chander Ram from SXiQ about using Microsoft Teams during Remote Work

In episode 4 of season 2, we have Chander Ramanathan, Intelligent Workplace Lead from SXiQ based in Melbourne, Victoria back on the show to share his experiences using Microsoft Teams during Remote Work.

Epsiode Summary

Here is the summary of what we discussed in the episode:

  1. Both Chander and I got carried away with the custom backgrounds in MS Teams!
  2. Security concerns with Zoom Meetings
  3. Using Microsoft Teams web and desktop clients
  4. 3x3 video grid coming to Teams
  5. How a music academy seamlessly switched to Teams from Zoom to continue to deliver their music classes online.
  6. How a small General Practitioner health group in Melbourne were able to consolidate diverse business systems into the Office 365 ecosystem and save on licensing fee along with being ready to support remote work and remote patient consultations.
  7. We shared our views on how we Microsoft improve Teams to provide better support for Remote Workers.
  8. We had a bit of fun trying to give a new name to Microsoft Teams! Happy Call πŸ˜‰

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Free access to Microsoft Teams E1 licenses for first 6 months free with an annual commitment. User limit 3000. Speak to your existing Microsoft Partner to get these free licenses. Available from 4th May.

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