How to support flexibility and agility in your Modern Workplace?

How to support flexibility and agility in your Modern Workplace?

How do you see the need for flexibility impacting your business? Adopting an agile workplace will take strategy and a vision. In this post, let's have a brief look few pointers on how to plan ahead, and give your employees what they expect from you.

Today, across Australia employees are demanding more flexible working conditions. Some companies are implementing "work when you need to" models by measuring job KPIs instead of hours logged. It's one way to ensure your employees have the flexibility they need to put their personal and work lives in balance. To achieve that level of collaboration, you need the right tools. With a modern desktop and Office 365 (part of Microsoft 365 platform), your team can work from anywhere seamlessly.

In an article "Workplace agility: The true secret to improving productivity and efficiency" by Daniel Newman in Forbes published in 2018, they have covered that balance and choice in the workplace are more important to the millennial generation than salary.

With Gen Z coming up fast, choice won't be something nice to have, it'll be expected. That's why maintaining agility in the workplace is so important.

Not just the Gen Z or Y or X, even the working parents appreciates workplace flexibility and agility. In a recent article published by The Sydney Morning Herald, it is mentioned that flexible working has a positive impact on the home life of Australian working parents, and it’s a key motivator for them to stick around rather than job hop.

A study by job search engine Indeed surveyed 2,000 working parents in Australia, aged 25 to 54. It found that among respondents with flexible working options available to them, 94 per cent feel it has a positive impact on their home life. On average, respondents who have been offered flexible working options see themselves staying in their current company for seven years.

Interestingly, for those without flexible working options, 43 per cent say they would choose a cut in their salary if it gave them the ability to work flexibly – indicating the growing importance of flexibility over salary.

So it is high time for Australian businesses to adopt flexible working arrangements to support both the working parents and young generation entering the workforce.

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