Office 365 Document Management Training

Remote hands-on training for your business users on how to use SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business for productive and secure document collaboration and management.


Are your users struggling to get their heads around how to use Office 365 apps to manage their work documents? In this half-day onsite hands-on training, your users will learn how to use SharePoint Online & OneDrive for effective and secure document management.

This is a must-do Office 365 training if you are migrating your legacy document management systems or network file shares to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Training Agenda

List of items covered in the training:

  • What is OneDrive for Business? How is it different from SharePoint Online?
  • When to use OneDrive for Business?
  • When to use SharePoint Online?
  • Document Management & Collaboration
    • Saving documents to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business
    • Copying and Moving documents from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Online
    • Working with documents (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
    • Co-authoring documents
    • Sharing document links (instead of email attachments) in email
    • Managing Document Versions
    • Bookmarking documents for future reference
    • Taking documents offline
    • On-demand file sync using OneDrive client on the desktop
  • Using SharePoint Online and OneDrive mobile apps (both iOS & Android platforms)
    • Signing in to the mobile apps
    • Navigating the mobile apps
    • Using the SharePoint App
      • Search SharePoint
      • News Tab
      • Saving for later
      • Managing Notifications
    • Using OneDrive for Business App
      • Files Tab - Scan, Upload new files
      • Office Lens - Scan and Save documents, whiteboards and business cards directly to OneDrive.
      • Access shared files -
      • Access shared SharePoint libraries
      • Search Documents

Target Audience:

The Office 365 document management training is targeted for:

  • All business users in your organisation


During the training, you will get the following deliverables.

  • Hands-on training exercise
  • Quick Reference Guide

Class Size:

Each training session is strictly limited to 15 attendees.


What is the minimum notice period to book the training?

We require at least two weeks notice to book the training session.

Where is the training held?

We prefer to the conduct the training onsite at your preferred workplace. If you are in Melbourne or Sydney, we can arrange for a training room in the CBD if you want to get out of the office and focus on the training for the day.

What the are prerequisites for the training program?

No prior knowledge of SharePoint or OneDrive for business is required for this training.

Does the trainer need access to our Office 365 tenant?

No, the trainer will use training Office 365 tenant managed by Modern Work Group.

Do I need to bring anything for the training?

Yes, you will need to bring your laptop to practice the hands-on training exercises.