In episode 5 of the Stories of Modern Work Podcast, I spoke with Mr Asish Padhy, Senior Consultant in Office 365 and Azure Cloud technologies as our guest to share his experiences and thoughts on using Office 365 as Modern Work tool and also deploying solutions such as Intranets to his clients.

You can listen to the episode here.

Here are some key points we discussed in the episode.

  • How to stay on top of constant Office 365 updates and feature releases. – The trick is use social media and stay in contact with other experts in the field and the Office 365 product team. Checking and participation in the Tech Community is recommended.
  • Switching between Classic and Modern UX.
  • Capitalize your investments in Office 365.
  • Mobile experience is the game changer. Highly encourage businesses to look into how to use Office 365 mobile apps into the day-to-day workflow.
  • User care about solutions not the technology.
  • Microsoft Teams should be looked as a wrapper of services for better user experience.
  • Modern Work is about having the flexibility and control to get work done.
  • OneDrive Files On-demand a game changer
  • Best way to implement new business solutions is to start with minimal viable product and iterate on user feedback. Helps with user adoption.
  • An example of how you can use PowerApps for service desk operations.
  • Best practices to building and managing Modern Intranets.
  • Intranets should be managed by the business users not IT.
  • Tip: Maximize the usage of Microsoft Teams.

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