Microsoft Teams User Adoption Training

One-day onsite hands-on training for your business users on how to use Microsoft Teams to be more productive.

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One-day immersive onsite Microsoft Teams user adoption training to enable your business users to master Microsoft Teams apps based on the configuration of your Office 365 cloud platform.

Upon receiving your request for training quote, we will set up a free initial consultation to discuss your Office 365 setup and training requirements to tailor the training modules based on your requirements.

This training is a must if you are planning to start your Teams journey or having low user adoption of Office 365 apps.

After completing this training program, your business users will be able to:

  • Use Microsoft Teams for individual and group chats effectively.
  • Run effective meetings with Teams
  • Collaborate securely on files within Teams
  • Be productive while on the go

Training Agenda

List of items covered in the training:

  • Overview of Office 365 Apps and services
  • What is Microsoft Teams? Overview of:
    • Chat
    • Teams
    • Meetings
    • Calls
    • Apps
  • Accessing Microsoft Teams on:
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • Meeting Rooms (optional - depends on your configuration)
  • Configure your settings in Teams
    • Availability and status messages
    • Application settings
    • Integration with MS Office chat
    • Privacy
      • Manage priority access
      • Read receipts
    • Manage Notifications
    • Setup Calls
  • Using the Chat app
    • One to one chats
    • Formatting your chat messages
    • @ mentions
    • Read receipts
    • Group chats
    • Dealing with files in Chat
    • Saving chats
    • Managing contacts
    • Accessing past chats
    • Organisation tab
    • Using group chats
      • Converting individual chats to group chats
      • Naming and pinning group chats
      • Privacy settings in group chats
  • Teams and Channels
    • Creating/Joining Teams
      • Types of Teams
      • Team Membership
      • Team settings
    • Team Conversations
    • Files in Teams
    • Adding new tabs
    • Private Channels (depends on your setup)
    • Managing external Guests
    • Sending emails to Channels
  • Activity App
    • Stay on top of messages
    • Check your activity
  • Search/Command bar
  • Calendar/Meetings App
    • Starting and joining video Calls
    • Screen sharing
    • Recording meetings
    • Using the whiteboard app
    • Managing meeting backgrounds
    • Checking device settings
    • Outlook integration
    • FindTime add-in
    • Setting up and attending Live Events (optional - depends on your setup)
  • Calling (customised based on your setup)
    • Making Audio Calls
    • Voicemails
    • Making external calls
  • Files App
    • Files in Microsoft Teams
    • OneDrive
    • Other cloud storage services
  • OneNote App
  • Planner App
    • Using Planner Tabs within Teams & Channels
    • My Plans
  • Integration with external apps
  • Bots
    • Who Bot - Find people based on skills, projects and organisation structure
    • Help Bot
  • Custom Apps
    • Showcasing of sample custom apps
  • Using Teams Mobile App
  • Microsoft Teams FAQs - When should I use what?
    • Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint Online -
    • Microsoft Teams vs Office 365 Groups
    • Microsoft Teams vs Yammer
    • Microsoft Teams vs Outlook
    • Microsoft Teams vs Slack
    • Microsoft Teams vs Skype for Business
    • Microsoft Teams vs GoToMeeting (or other 3rd party online meeting apps)
  • Summary of Microsoft Teams best practices, tips & tricks
  • Teams training knowledge check and assessment.

Target Audience:

The Office 365 document management training is targeted for:

  • All business users in your organisation


During the training, you will get the following deliverables.

  • Hands-on training exercises
  • Microsoft Teams Quick Reference Guide

Class Size:

Each training session is strictly limited to 10 attendees.


What is the minimum notice period to book the training?

We require at least two weeks notice to book the training session.

Where is the training held?

We prefer to the conduct the training onsite at your preferred workplace. If you are in Melbourne or Sydney, we can arrange for a training room in the CBD if you want to get out of the office and focus on the training for the day.

What the are prerequisites for the training program?

No prior knowledge of using Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Apps is required for this training.

Does the trainer need access to our Office 365 tenant?

No, the trainer will use Office 365 tenant managed by Modern Work Group for all hands-on exercises during the training. The attendees will get access to this training environment.

Do I need to bring anything for the training?

Yes, you will need to bring your laptop to practice the hands-on training exercises.

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