SharePoint Online Training for Site Owners & Page Authors [Advanced]

One-day onsite hands-on advanced training for your SharePoint Online site owners and page authors.

SharePoint Online Advanced Training.png

One-day onsite hands-on advanced training for your SharePoint Online Site Owners and Page Authors to everything about creating and managing SharePoint Online sites and pages.

This training program is best suited if you have just rolled out SharePoint Online app and/or Intranet solution to your business users.

Training Agenda

The users will learn:

  • Creating Sites
    • Teams Sites
    • Communication Sites
    • Hub Sites
    • Managing Site Information and Look & Feel (site themes and logos)
  • Managing Site Pages library
    • Setting Alerts
    • Page Approval Workflow
    • Page Content Types and Metadata
  • Page Authoring
    • Creating site pages
    • Using page sections and columns
    • Adding and configuring all out of the box modern SharePoint Online web parts.
    • Managing page metadata
  • News Articles
    • Creating and publishing News articles
    • Working with Newsletters
  • Working with Lists and Libraries
    • Creating new columns/metadata
    • Creating and using Content Types - include document templates
    • Creating custom views
    • Creating custom list workflows using Microsoft Power Automate (aka Flow)
    • Using Quick Edit Mode
    • Bulk uploading files and folders
    • Creating new lists using Excel
    • Creating new lists based on existing lists
    • Importing list data to Excel
    • Working without the list templates such as Events & Issues
  • Manage Site security and membership
    • Security Groups
    • Permission Levels
    • Manage External Sharing
  • Managing Site Recycle Bin
    • Restoring deleted files
    • Clearing Recycle Bin
    • Restoring deleted files from second-stage Recycle Bin
  • Configuring Site Settings
    • Accessing Site Contents
    • Regional Settings
    • Term Store Management
    • Search Settings
    • Managing site navigation - Top Bar & Quick Launch
    • Site Collection Health Checks
    • Site Columns and Content Types
  • Accessing Site Analytics
    • Unique Users
    • Site Visits
    • Site Traffic
    • Run external sharing report - Get the list of file shared externally in your site

Target Audience:

The SharePoint Online Advanced training is targeted for:

  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • SharePoint Page Authors
  • Internal Communications Teams
  • SharePoint Service Administrators
  • SharePoint Support Team Members


During the training, you will get the following deliverables.

  • Hands-on training exercise
  • SharePoint Online Advanced Quick Reference Guide

Class Size:

Each training session is strictly limited to 10 attendees.


What is the minimum notice period to book the training?

We require at least two weeks notice to book the training session.

Where is the training held?

We prefer to the conduct the training onsite at your preferred workplace. If you are in Melbourne or Sydney, we can arrange for a training room in the CBD if you want to get out of the office and focus on the training for the day.

What the are prerequisites for the training program?

Some knowledge of SharePoint is recommended but not mandatory.

Does the trainer need access to our Office 365 tenant?

No, the trainer will use training Office 365 tenant managed by Modern Work Group.

Do I need to bring anything for the training?

Yes, you will need to bring your laptop to practice the hands-on training exercises.