Office 365 Business Solutions

Affordable packaged business solutions for your modern workplace!

Personalised Intelligent Intranet

Let's build a fully functional Modern Intranet with personalisation features in three weeks.
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Corporate Newsroom

Create compelling internal communications portal to share information and company updates to the right people using our centralised and mobile-friendly newsroom portal.

Policy Management System

Deploy a modern policy management system using native Office 365 apps such as SharePoint Online, Forms & Power Automate. No more having to keep track of your policy documents using Excel.
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Employee Feedback System

Make sure your employees are happy. Listen, Track and Act on your employee feedback and complaints.
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Employee On-boarding System

Make the best first impression with your new hires, streamline the new employee onboarding process and be compliant.
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Employee Benefits Portal

Deploy an Employee Benefits Portal solution to motivate, support and retain talented people in your business.

Employee Records System

Securely store and share employee records within your business with full data compliance. No more filing cabinets and lost paperwork.